Cleaning A Reusable Filter

We'll cover everything from how to get them ready to use, how to clean your reusable coffee filter, all the way through how to compost them.  

Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be sure to enjoy delish coffee every day of the year.

Before first use:

When you first receive your filters, you'll want to boil them in water for around 10 minutes.  This will ensure any debris from the shipping process is cleaned off and the fabric is clean and ready for use.

How to Clean Your Reusable Coffee Filter:

After you've brewed a batch of coffee, let the filter and grounds cool to the point you can pick it up.

Compost or dump the grounds, and rinse the filter with warm water.

Be sure to flip the filter inside out to make sure all the old grounds are gone.

The filter will naturally become stained over time from the coffee.  No need to worry, this is perfectly normal and does not alter taste or performance.

After you've rinsed both the sides of the filter clean, flip it to right side out (stitches inside), and store.

This is all you need to do to clean your coffee filter day to day use.

Give them a deep clean every 4-6 weeks:

Every few weeks we recommend boiling the filter in water for a couple minutes to ensure it performs as good as new.

Personally, I don't like using soap of any kind. But if you don't mind the extra work of rinsing the soap out, you can use Cafiza to help remove some of the coffee coloring.

Once you've rinsed or cleaned your filter, you're ready to store it until next time.


Once clean, you can do one of 3 things to store your filters for the next use.

  • Simply let it air dry,
  • Place it in the freezer, or
  • Place in a cup of water in the fridge.

Either are fine, and it's whatever works best for you.  There's some hub-bub about bacteria, as long as the filter is set up to air dry properly, you won't have an issue. 

If you just wanna be uber-safe, our second preference is to toss it in the freezer.

No matter which way you choose to store your filter after cleaning, you'll be ready for a great cup of coffee when you get back.